SuperBowl 2017

It’s finally here. Super Bowl! Normally, I would go to my grandmas house and watch the game with my family but since we are so far from family now, traditions have changed. I don’t have too many friends here in San Diego but this semester I am determined to change that. Today, even though I may look like a loser, I am going to go out and watch the game. I figured why stay home and be alone all day (like I normally am every weekend), when you can go out and enjoy the company of strangers.

I don’t even like football and this won’t affect my life in any way but it’s something fun to do instead of stay home and watching Netflix. We don’t have cable anyways so even if I wanted to stay home and watch the game, it would probably be a crappy streaming service online. Also, I don’t have any beer at home.

All I care about is that once this game is over, we are so much closer to BASEBALL SEASON! The season starts shortly and while my team has lost one of my absolute favorite players, I am still rooting for them and can’t wait until they come to town! Tickets will be so much cheaper and I know that even though we broke our even year tradition, we will make it odd this year!!