2017 New Years Resolutions!

Throughout the years I have made so many new years resolutions and I’m pretty sure 3/4 of them were the same ones every year. You know the ones that go “I’m going to lose weight”, “I’m going to get a significant other”, or “I’m going to adventure more”. Yeah I tell myself that too every year. This year I want to learn more about myself and really push myself to see how far I can go. This is my year of Yes. Of course I probably won’t be saying yes to every single thing especially if it harms my well being or puts me in (too much) debt.

I’m going to be saying yes to the things that I have never done before. If somebody is going to ask me to sky dive, I’ll be very hesitant but I know several people who have done it before and survived so I might give it a shot. I am terribly afraid of heights just as I am afraid of cats (don’t ask) but I guess the only thing I can lose is my life right?! All jokes aside though, I have always wanted a different view at the world I live in and this would give me an alternating perspective. I no longer want to focus on the potential bad things that could occur. I have had so many opportunities to do some amazing things but was afraid of what could happen so I never did them. 2017 is going to be the year that I take more chances and live in the moment. It’s such a cliche to say that but I want to smell all the flowers, not just the roses.

Another resolution on my list is to explore San Diego more. I want to know every nook and cranny, I want to know all the hole in the wall restaurants that are to die for, I want to know which celebrity has been where. Okay, maybe that last one was taking it a bit too far but the other two are true. I want to be able to take my family when they come to all the spots that nobody knows about.

I made a small list of a few resolutions that I want to do this year and hopefully keeping up on the blog will help me maintain all my resolutions.

  1. I want to cook more. For myself and for Evan
  2. I want to travel more. Even if it is a 30 minute drive
  3. I want to follow through on my promises
  4. I want to work out for a minimum of 30 minutes every other day
  5. I want to run 2 5k this year and run the whole thing.
  6. I want to pick up a new habit or hobby
  7. Better manage money for saving and spending

I have never been a cook or even remotely close. I CAN make myself mac and cheese but I don’t consider that cooking. I want to go through all the cookbooks we have and mark all the recipes that I want to make and try them out. If I fail, I fail and I try again. What can it hurt? The rest of these are all pretty self-explanatory.


Welcome, 2017!





Last Friday night of 2016

Well. I just now realized that tomorrow is New Years Eve. That is absolutely nuts! It feels like just yesterday was Christmas and we were on a plane flying home and now we are celebrating a new year. This will actually be out first year that we have spent New Years Eve together and I am beyond excited. Not that we have so much planned but I am excited to drink our champagne and watch movies with my love.

Before I get into my 2017 resolutions, I want to give you guys a recap on Christmas! About a week before my finals ended, Evan and I decided that it wouldn’t be possible for us to fly home and surprise our family for Christmas. My parents ended up buying us a flight home as our Christmas present. We decided not to tell his family or the rest of mine in order to surprise as many people as possible. This means that his mom didn’t know, my brother didn’t know and the majority of my side did not know that we would be coming for Christmas dinner.

Flash-forward to Christmas eve. Evan had to work the late shift at work and ended up getting home around 2 am. I could not sleep a wink because of how excited I was to fly home. We ended up staying awake and watching a movie. We went to bed around 4 am and had to get up at 7 for our flight at 9. We took an Uber to the airport and we were right on time for our flight. I had told one of his sisters that we were going to be flying in and she was able to trick their mom and pick us up instead. We finally got to the house at about 12 and walked in. She was so surprised and stood in the kitchen in shock for 10 minutes before realizing that we were really there in the flesh.

We hadn’t been able to call or Facetime my family since we were on the plane. I had to lie to my brother that we were at the beach here in San Diego and I did not get great service. I guess my mom pulled the waterworks on my brother and he fell for it. We left to my aunts house at about 6. Once we walked in, my dad was right by the door and my brother was sitting in a chair with his back facing the door. My dad greeted us and my brother turned around and had the biggest smile I have seen the longest time. I had texted all of my aunts that morning wishing them a merry Christmas and that I wished I could be there celebrating with them. They all called me a liar! It was the greatest feeling to be able to surprised my boyfriends mom and my family as well.

The next three days flew by and the next thing we knew, we were back on a plane flying home. We arrived at home at about 12 am. I wanted to start unpacking as quickly and as clean as possible so that was what I started doing. Unpacking was probably the easiest thing I had to do all week. The whole trip was incredible and full of family and friends and food. There was not a meal that was skipped all week!

Tomorrow is the last day of 2016. I’ll be posting my resolutions tomorrow and hopefully getting a good start on the in the new year! 2016 was really good to me and my family and I really hope yours was too. Here is to a great new year and I hope you all had a happy holidays!!




Busy Busy B.

I have been so busy the last month! Finals are coming. Midterms have just passed. Holidays are quickly approaching. My mom will be coming on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and staying the whole weekend. I am so excited to spend some time with her in my new town. I have so much planned for us to do and a few friends have given me ideas to show her as well.

Like I said, finals are coming up and I have so many essays, presentations and panels coming up and my stress level has gone from a mild 7 to a solid 11. I love keeping my house clean so that I can focus on studying and homework but lately I’ve been nitpicking everything and cleaning everything twice over. I just recently washed my couch cushion covers! They turned out amazing but there was one that is an odd shape so I couldn’t get it off!!!! I have to find a way to either take it off or clean it on its own.

Today has really been a stay at home day. I love those days! The sky has been mostly grey today but is still pretty warm. I have been able to focus on my homework and take home exam. I still have a lot to do in the next couple weeks but tomorrow, I am headed to Disneyland for some much needed time off! I haven’t been to Disneyland since my love took my for my birthday last year and this time, I am going with my best friend!


Last year was the Diamond Celebration and now the holiday decorations should be up! This week is going to be another busy week!

I have a two part exam that will be finished Tuesday. My mom flies in on Thursday. Friday we will more than likely go out to La Jolla. Saturday, I am taking her to a college football game. Sunday, she will be coming with me to church and then probably to Old Town San Diego! She leaves Monday evening and I’ll be taking her to the airport. I’m so excited for her to come and stay the weekend but I am already so sad that she has to leave. Besides all the fun plans I have, I have two other essays to write, a powerpoint presentation and a research panel discussion coming up along with finals for ALL of my 5 classes. I won’t be able to register for classes until the 10th of January so hopefully that will be a nice little break.




30 Day Challenge.

Normally, 30 day challenges begin on the first of the month. I am going to do this just a little bit different! Over the past few years, I have gained over 30 pounds. Not that I’m not happy with my body BUT I want to be happier and feel great about myself when I wear a cute dress. My pants have been fitting tighter and tighter and I really don’t like that feeling. My wardrobe has been consisting of leggings, yoga pants and t-shirts. I haven’t had the best eating habits and all of this is about to change.

I am giving myself a full 30 days to lose 10 pounds. I am not sure if this is reasonable or not. I am ready to be healthy again. I am going to join the gym. I walk to class every day already but hopefully soon, I can start jogging to class instead. I want my pants to feel baggy and my t-shirts to be too big. I want to sit on the couch without have a little pooch on my stomach. I don’t want to feel guilty about eating a scoop of ice cream after dinner.

Every week I will post about my progress and my meals. I will give you the goods and the bads about the week. I will tell you about my weaknesses and my strengths.

I am going to start the week on Sunday. This doesn’t mean that I’m not going to start tomorrow but it’ll just make things a little easier for record keeping. I am going to keep a log of all things that go into my mouth. I’ll take pictures of my log and I promise it’ll be my handwriting. I won’t hold anything back.

Here goes nothing!