30 Day Challenge.

Normally, 30 day challenges begin on the first of the month. I am going to do this just a little bit different! Over the past few years, I have gained over 30 pounds. Not that I’m not happy with my body BUT I want to be happier and feel great about myself when I wear a cute dress. My pants have been fitting tighter and tighter and I really don’t like that feeling. My wardrobe has been consisting of leggings, yoga pants and t-shirts. I haven’t had the best eating habits and all of this is about to change.

I am giving myself a full 30 days to lose 10 pounds. I am not sure if this is reasonable or not. I am ready to be healthy again. I am going to join the gym. I walk to class every day already but hopefully soon, I can start jogging to class instead. I want my pants to feel baggy and my t-shirts to be too big. I want to sit on the couch without have a little pooch on my stomach. I don’t want to feel guilty about eating a scoop of ice cream after dinner.

Every week I will post about my progress and my meals. I will give you the goods and the bads about the week. I will tell you about my weaknesses and my strengths.

I am going to start the week on Sunday. This doesn’t mean that I’m not going to start tomorrow but it’ll just make things a little easier for record keeping. I am going to keep a log of all things that go into my mouth. I’ll take pictures of my log and I promise it’ll be my handwriting. I won’t hold anything back.

Here goes nothing!




Saturday is Laundry Day!

Every week has something different. A different adventure always seems to happen and I wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest. Let me tell you about my crazy week.

Monday: I had class at 9 AM. I got up around 7:30 to shower and get ready. I left the house at 8:30 even though it takes maybe 10 minutes to walk to school. I like to make sure that I am on time and prepared so I always get my bookbag ready the night before. My 9 am class is an hour long and when I am done with that class, I have a solid ten minutes to book it all the way across campus to my 10 AM class. It’s hard work and living in San Diego, it gets warm really early. I’m done with classes for the morning and I go home and clean! I don’t have another class until 4 PM so I usually go home and make the bed and put my love’s clothes away. He’s normally out of the house by 7:30 when I wake up. Sometimes I’ll lounge around the house but normally I’ll be on the computer doing some school work or on the couch reading for class. I head back to school at 3:30 and am in class until 7. My love still isn’t home from work yet so I’ll do some more reading and homework until he gets home.

Tuesday: Tuesday’s aren’t much different than Monday’s but I only have one class at 11. Once Evan leaves for work, I usually roll over to his side of the bed (which is way more comfortable) and sleep for another hour or two. I’ll get up around 9 and grab some cereal to eat or make some eggs. I’ll pack up my bag if I didn’t do it the night before and just hang out for a bit. Tuesday’s are a bit more lazy but depending on the weather, I might take a dip in the pool or like this week, I went to target and ran a few errands.

Wednesday: Wednesday’s and Thursdays are Evan’s days off so I’ll let him sleep in. I only have my two morning classes from Monday and then I’m done for the day! It’s quite nice to be able to spend the day with my love bug on his days off. I’ll usually come home to him playing video games or still sleeping. This week, I found him sitting on the couch playing video games. We knew that the Giants were going to be playing so we were thinking about where we wanted to watch the game. We decided that since neither of us had been to Dave and Busters that we should try it out. We had so much fun drinking and playing games. I’m so glad that we went out and enjoyed ourselves.

Thursday: Thursdays are similar to Monday’s but I won’t go home until about 12:30. This last Thursday, I had an exam and I stayed on campus a bit longer to unwind and get back to normal before going home to my sweet pea. Once I come home at 7, my love usually had dinner ready and we’ll watch a movie and just hang out.

Friday: I have one class on Friday’s and then I’m free to do whatever. Every Friday is different. Yesterday, I had a few appointments to go to and then I went to Target to grab a few things that I wanted. I came home around 4 and took a small nap and watched a bit of tv. I got dinner ready and then my love came home from work. We watched a movie that was pretty good but not my type of movie. We went to bed at 11:30 and both passed out.

Saturday: Today is Saturday. It’s usually laundry day but I’ll wait until later in the afternoon because I know that a lot of people go to do their laundry on Saturday’s too. I’ll usually wait until about 2 or 3 and get stuff done around the house like sweep and mop the kitchen and vacuum the living room

Sunday: Sunday’s I’ll go to church and hang out for a bit afterwards to talk to people and get to know more people. I’m still new and haven’t met too many people but I am really liking the church that I found.


This is what I do on a weekly basis. Of course there are things missing like when I shower or brush my teeth or do my makeup but I promise that is all in there! This is just a rough summary of what it’s like to be a pretend housewife. I always wanted to be a housewife but now that I’m fake living it, it’s kind of boring. I’m glad I go to school and get some social interaction there or else I really would go crazy like Evan tells me I am.





Five movies for Fall!

I love watching movies! I don’t know about you but when the weather gets all gloomy and grey and cloudy, I love to stay home and do nothing but stay in my jammies, cuddle on the couch with my blanket and put on a good movie. I can no longer stay home when the weather looks gloomy because here in San Diego, while it may LOOK gloomy, it more than likely is really humid. Here are 5 movies that I love to stay home and watch right before Halloween!

1.) Nightmare Before Christmas:This Tim Burton film is essential for Halloween as well as Christmas. It is one of my favorites and it may or may not have a prequel and a sequel. The prequel would be Frakenweenie and the sequel would be The Corpse Bride. All three are highly recommeneded for Halloween viewing!


2.) The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values: My favorite family besides my own! These two movies are amazing. They bring out a whole different set of qualities that your family may or may not have. It’s fun to watch for the whole family. No gore, no guts, just family fun!


3.) Casper: Casper the friendly ghost. This movie is an all time favorite of mine! It’s definitely not scary but will totally get you in the Halloween Spirit.


4.) Beetlejuice: Another Tim Burton Film. He tends to be the Halloween master when it comes to films. His work is amazing all around. Here is a list of all of his work that are worth watching.


5.) Monster House: This kids movie is hilarious! I am not big on horror movies at all (as seen in this post) so this movie was perfect for me. It is animated and the humor is slightly adult-ish but overall really funny and has a good storyline to it.monster-house

Most of these movies can be found on Netflix or Hulu and sometimes are aired on certain TV channels. I don’t have cable so I won’t be watching them there but I do have Netflix so I’ll be here, on my couch watching the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Happy Haunting!


La Jolla!

Today, I did a little venturing out to La Jolla! I’ve been wanting to go for the longest time but I haven’t really had a chance until today. This weekend is one of the hottest since the weekend we moved in! Today was in the 90’s here in San Diego but was a nice 78 in La Jolla. I parked in a little garage a bit away from the beach but it was an amazing walk near cute little shops in the area. I walked by a cute building and I don’t remember if it was a home or if it was a place that had different businesses in it but it was so adorable and somewhat reminded me of Edward Scissorhands. la-jolla-home

I was so glad that I was able to get some exersize and really enjoy where I live. I have finished a good majority of my homework and now all I have left to do is to do my reading! Here are some more pictures of my adventures today!

I have a bunch of topics coming up and I promise I will get back to blogging in October since we are just a few days away! Let me know if there is anything you want me to do or review or talk about in the upcoming months so that I can incorporate it into the blog!!