Busy Busy B.

I have been so busy the last month! Finals are coming. Midterms have just passed. Holidays are quickly approaching. My mom will be coming on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and staying the whole weekend. I am so excited to spend some time with her in my new town. I have so much planned for us to do and a few friends have given me ideas to show her as well.

Like I said, finals are coming up and I have so many essays, presentations and panels coming up and my stress level has gone from a mild 7 to a solid 11. I love keeping my house clean so that I can focus on studying and homework but lately I’ve been nitpicking everything and cleaning everything twice over. I just recently washed my couch cushion covers! They turned out amazing but there was one that is an odd shape so I couldn’t get it off!!!! I have to find a way to either take it off or clean it on its own.

Today has really been a stay at home day. I love those days! The sky has been mostly grey today but is still pretty warm. I have been able to focus on my homework and take home exam. I still have a lot to do in the next couple weeks but tomorrow, I am headed to Disneyland for some much needed time off! I haven’t been to Disneyland since my love took my for my birthday last year and this time, I am going with my best friend!


Last year was the Diamond Celebration and now the holiday decorations should be up! This week is going to be another busy week!

I have a two part exam that will be finished Tuesday. My mom flies in on Thursday. Friday we will more than likely go out to La Jolla. Saturday, I am taking her to a college football game. Sunday, she will be coming with me to church and then probably to Old Town San Diego! She leaves Monday evening and I’ll be taking her to the airport. I’m so excited for her to come and stay the weekend but I am already so sad that she has to leave. Besides all the fun plans I have, I have two other essays to write, a powerpoint presentation and a research panel discussion coming up along with finals for ALL of my 5 classes. I won’t be able to register for classes until the 10th of January so hopefully that will be a nice little break.





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