Dear me,

letter writing

Dear me in the past,

Hi there! I am you in the future. I just wanted to take a moment from my day to say how proud I am of you. You have achieved all that you have aspired to do. We have done so much with our life so far and have really big plans. Right now, we are sitting at the kitchen table at mom’s after eating breakfast. Nico is still sleeping (what a lazy bum) but it’s summer and he just finished high school. Mom is in her room making phone calls and probably on Facebook. Dad left for work hours ago; he’s such a hard working father. Stanley helped us water the plants out back this morning and now he’s getting his tan on. We don’t really have much planned for today other than going to work but the next 4 days are going to be brutal. Saturday (tomorrow), is our last day at work. Sunday is our last day at church. Monday we are traveling with mom to a doctors appointment out of town. Tuesday is the big 23!

We have so much to look forward to in the next year. We are moving to the city that we have dreamed about for so long. San Diego better watch out! The local community college has been a great stepping stool for us and we are so grateful to have that opportunity. The counselors that we have met have been spectacular in helping us do our transfer application and we were able to get into half of the schools we applied. Right now, we are thinking about getting a career in counseling. We love kids and have two godsons. They are the light of my life and I can’t imagine my life without those two little boys. Hunter is going to be 3 and can make me laugh with just a smile. Brady just turned 1 and has the sweetest face a baby could have.

It’s going to be really tough for us to say goodbye to our family but we aren’t moving alone and that’s a bonus. Evan is going to be there, going through the exact same thing you are. We have been together now for over a year and a half. The family loves and adores him as much as we had hoped they would. He gets along with just about any and everybody. He is not shy to make friends and that’s going to be good for us. He’s going to push us to go out and make new friends in a new city. He is always telling us how much he loves us and while we get into arguments (who doesn’t?!), he is always first to apologize and is always so forgiving.

I just want to finish up and say that we have achieved part of our goals and when we are finished with them, I’ll write again and say how we did. I hope we can excel in everything we set our minds to and not let anything or anybody get in our way.





Birthday Wishlist!

I was supposed to do a movie review today but, I forgot to watch the movie. Whoops! I was going to review Secret Life of Pets but I haven’t had a chance to actually go and see the movie. This week has been kinda rough and tumble but let’s move on to happier things.


My 23rd birthday is just around the corner! I cannot wait but that week is going to be so busy. It’s the last week I’ll be in my hometown. I am so excited for my birthday and every year I do a countdown. Right now I have 10 days to go! I know I’m kind of reaching pretty high for some of these items. Some are pretty high ticket items and I’ll be perfectly fine if I don’t get them. Let’s get started!

  • Ear piercing: I have two piercings in each each and I really just want one more on the top of my left ear. I have always been very feminine and girly and just the top would look so cute!
  • Annual passes to Disneyland: Since we are moving to San Diego, we will really only be about an hour and a half from the Happiest Place on Earth! It will be so much fun to be able to go when my lovebug and I have a day off to go and have fun and not stress.
  • A day at our local fair: I love going to the fair and watching the shows and going through our hall of flowers. I’m not a huge fan of the rides but I’m sure I would go on a few of them (I have a stomach that gets easily upset). The food, the music, the sunshine are all things I want to do for my birthday.
  • Funnel cake: You can’t go to the fair without getting a funnel cake! I’m not a big dessert person, but I can always get down on a good funnel cake!
  • Sephora’s Too Faced Mr. Right powder brush: It’s one of the cutest brushes that I think I have ever seen! I love the length of the brush itself and the overall look of it.
  • Gift Cards for bookstores: I love reading. Since graduation in May, I think I have read about 8 books! I almost always have a book in my hands or my purse and I cannot have enough. I have spent so much money on books that I have probably spend most of my paycheck on books.

So that is my list. I know I won’t get a lot of these but a girl can hope. I really just want to have a low key birthday with my family and friends before my love and I move some 8 hours away. I am beyond excited for the new adventures that comes with 23!




Pintrest DIY: Apple Cookies

This weeks Pintrest DIY turned out splendid! So much better than the last DIY I did. (Partially, that was my fault!) I love having things to snack on while studying or reading. Apples are definitely one of my favorite snacks to have on hand and my family only enjoys Fuji apples.

For this DIY snack, all you need is:

  • Apples
  • Peanut Butter (I used Jif Smooth since that was all I had in the house)
  • Oats
  • Whatever extras you might want (Blueberries, chocolate chips, etc.)

The hardest part is cutting the apple sideways instead of normally like slices. IMG_4054

After cutting the apple sideways, spread some peanut butter on the “cookies”. You can use whatever peanut butter you want. I personally only will eat smooth peanut butter. I cannot handle having chunks in my PB. IMG_4055

This was only slightly difficult because of the juices that came from the apple when I cut it. After spreading the peanut butter, I put some oats on my apples. My mom has a large jar of plain oats that she uses for oatmeal and it turned out pretty good. Once I finished putting the oats on, I topped it off with a blueberry because why not?! IMG_4059

I ate my apple cookies in less than 5 minutes which shows that they were delicious!! Almost anybody can make these and that was why I loved doing this project. I failed at my first DIY so I needed something that I literally could not fail! Try it sometime! It’s a perfect snack for a picnic or studying!





Emotions about moving!

If you have read all my blogs lately, you will know that I’m moving! If you haven’t read my last few blogs, I’m moving! Now you are in the loop and I’m sure by the title, you can just guess what I’ll be talking about in the blog.

I have been asked, pretty much on the daily now, “how are you doing with the impending move?” Well, I’ll tell you! I’m very very excited. I have been dreaming about moving to San Diego for almost 7 years now. I first learned about SDSU when I attended a college fair at my high school and since then, its been my dream to go there. I have such a bright and sunny personality that I just feel like I belong there. I am so ready to start this new chapter in my life and prepare myself for what’s ahead.

While I’m not just moving, I’ll also be moving in with my boyfriend of a year and a half. I’m beyond excited to start that new chapter with him and learn more about each other. There are so many events going on in my life right now and I feel that this is the right move for me next. We are ready for this move and know that we are bound to get stressed and annoyed but we know how to come back to each other and to talk about what we are feeling and why.

I am sad that I’m moving away from pretty much all my family. I have always been close with my family on both sides and am devastated to leave them but I know that I have to grow up and move out and experience all that I can. My parents have been so supportive of this move and I could not thank them enough for all they have done. My grandmothers are both sad to see me leave but they are so excited to see where I will go in life. My grandfathers are no longer alive but I know in my heart that they would be so proud of me.

Anxious just hits the tip of the ice berg. I have so much stuff to pack it is literally taking over my parent’s garage. The house is a mess. I have boxes pretty much in every room in the house. I feel bad because my parents have to deal with the mess for another 20+ days. Once I leave though, I know they have a few plans for renovating the house which hopefully means that they’ll get rid of a lot of junk they don’t need.

I’m so nervous!! I don’t know many people in Southern California. Actually, I think I only know one. The other people who I do know, are moving! What fun is that?! I don’t have many friends up here in Northern California but I know that once I get accustomed to the area, I’ll be able to make tons of friends. The apartment is about 15 minutes from pretty much anything in San Diego. I’m so excited to be able to just drive a few minutes away and be almost anywhere. I’m so nervous because the freeways in San Diego are so dangerous.

All of these emotions that I have been feeling are completely normal. I know that it’s okay to cry every once in a while and to put on a smile when people ask how I’m doing. It’s okay to feel sad and nervous and anxious. It’s even better that I’m excited to go through this next phase. I can’t wait to be able to wake up and make my sweetheart breakfast and to be able to walk to school. I can’t wait to be able to study and read by the SDSU turtle pond. I’m so excited to go through this new adventure with my love!